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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rana Daggubati Shocked With 2 Writers

“Two writers from different parts of the country narrated the same story to me!! Is it coincidence or an international film I haven't seen”?? This is the tweet Rana posted recently.

It happens commonly in every Indian film industry and writers tend to get influenced or inspired by a few Hollywood or international films knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes same kind of idea may be planted in the brains of different writers. But it has to be underlined that writers are seldom creating complete original lines. That is an evidence for Tollywood’s ‘bhaava daaridram’.

Tollywood writers at present are finding a need to think different and hence preying on international scripts. Even though they try to think different, and come up with original scripts, the producers are not getting convinced with the lines, as they need to target small section of audiences (just Telugus) and hence never tend to take bigger risks. Writers also should understand the things practically.

Hollywood is always in advantageous position with wide audience. They can experiment anything they wish. They can even make any of their wild fantasy or romantic dream on to the celluloid.

Even it runs in one part of the world, things get materialized. But writers should understand that only formula films (love+humor+action+sentiment+music) with compact screenplay will have definite scope for winning at box office, than the experiments in Hollywood style. But, how well the above ingredients are mixed with the contemporary taste of audience matters.

So, writers! Don’t give shocks to heroes and producers by narrating Hollywood lines to them.


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