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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramu In Tension Due To ‘Bodi Gundu’ Scene

It is known news that the film had its first share of controversy with the head tonsuring scene of an unknown actor in the film. Grapevine started making rounds that this had to do with the rumor that few years back, Pawan Kalyan was taken away and his head was tonsured by Paritala Ravi due to a land deal issue.

However, it now appears that this issue has got a bit messy. The word is that fans of Chiru and Pawan are not very happy with the scene. In this process, it is heard that director Ram Gopal Varma has arrived in Hyderabad to offer his personal apologies to the mega brothers.

But when asked about it, Ramu maintained that his trip had nothing to do with that and there is no connection to the scene and Pawan Kalyan. But reliable sources say that the scene will be deleted from the main film.


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